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Re: pen thickness with PPL

Hi Billy,
that works now, thank You.
It would be great to replace PPL PEN 1,2 by PPL PEN,1,2 in the following 
Ferret scripts:

PS: in the right_axis_plot script, the red line which should be drawn as a 
label in the right y axis does not appear. Does somebody know how to correct 

On 30 October 2002 18:07, you wrote:
> PPL PEN,x,y still works. The second argument y is 1-6 for
> regular thickess colors 1-6, then 7-12 for double thickness
> colors 1-6, then 13-18 for triple thickness colors 1-6. Pen
> 19 is (thin) white.
> Try:
> PLOT/SET variable
> PPL PEN,1,8
> This should give a double-thickness red line.
> However, the new qualifiers to ferret PLOT are really good,
> allowing control over dashes, colors, thicknesses, etc.
> Billy K

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