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Re: string arrays

Hello Hein,
Yes, starting with Ferret version 5.4 you can create a
string variable array.   Please see the entry "string variables, arrays"
in the index to the Users Guide:

For example:

yes? use coads_climatology
yes? let mnames = {"January", "February", "March"}
yes? repeat/L=1:3 (let mon = mnames[i=`L`]; plot/L=`L`/title=`mon` sst[x=0])

Note that the string variable is defined by default on an abstract
X axis, so if we tried to set the context X=0 for SST  using
PLOT/X=0, or SET REGION, Ferret would apply the X=0 to
the variable mnames as well, and not be able to loop through it.
One could also use TSEQUENCE to put the string on a time
axis, and then it's a bit simpler, as the L index applies to mnames
as well as sst:

yes? use coads_climatology
yes? let mnames = TSEQUENCE({"January", "February", "March"})
yes? repeat/L=1:3 (plot/L=`L`/X=0/title=`mnames` sst)

Hein Zelle wrote:

> Is there a way to put text strings in an array? I would like to be
> able to access the names of the months through a numerical (loop)
> index, so I can do something like this:
> repeat /l=1:12 (plot /set_up climatology; ppl title monthnames[`l`]; ppl
> plot)
> Is this possible in any way?
>    Hein Zelle
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