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Re: not line but symbol in left_axis_plot

Hi Vincent,
	Here is a way to get a "mark only" line for the left axis
variable. There will be a line without marks for the right axis variable;
It can't think of a way (without modifying the script) to get a
"mark only" line for the right axis variable.

Try this demo:
! make the default left axis plot (don't make hard copy yet)
go left_axis_plot l[l=1:100]

! set mode meta and name the plot if a hard copy is desired
! set mode meta ; ppl pltnme,leftrightplot.plt

! then redraw left plot with controls to get the line type right
ppl line,1,19,3 ; ppl pen,1,1 ; ppl rlabs,2,90 ; ppl plot

! then draw the right axis variable
go right_axis_plot 1/l[l=1:100]

To get more flexibility you would have to copy and customize the
left_axis_plot.jnl and right_axis_plot.jnl scripts.

Good luck,

|__Room 2070 Bldg#3 NOAA/PMEL__|

On Fri, 25 Oct 2002, Vincent Le Fouest wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I would like to do a plot using triangles and not a line but that does not
> work (sym=19):
> use file
> set region/i=130/j=40/z=2.5/l=1:100
> go left_axis_plot/sym=19 var1[d=1]
> go right_axis_plot var2[d=1]
> Could you help me?
> Thanks!

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