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Re: Label: Superscript in square brackets

The problem is that when you specify the ASCII fonts (@as) then all
subsequent text is rendered literally (I was not aware of the <esc>
exception). @as is mainly useful when you want to display the ferret
commands such as transformations (@sbx, etc) on your plot.

There is an easy workaround. Use another font, such as @sr (looks 
just like @as) for everything except the square brackets, and use,
say @im14 and 15 for the left and right square brackets. Thus:

PPL YLAB,@im14@srW m^-^2@im15


PPL YLAB,@im14@srW/m^2@im15

Billy K

> I have a rather simple PPLUS problem. I would like to draw an axis label with 
> the units (watts per square meter) in square brackets.
> According to the PPLUS manual, I tried to write the square brackets with the @AS 
> character set (works!). It then says that if you use the @AS, the superscript 
> has to be preceeded by the escape-character (ASCII code 27).  
> yes? PPL YLAB @AS[W/m<esc>^2]
> However, the "2" isn't written as a superscript. What am I doing wrong?
> Many thanks,
> Nick
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