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Re: animation

Hi Yogesh,
We need more information about what you want to do.  Do you
wish to call a .jnl file for each frame of the animation?  Here is
a simple example which does this.  If this does not answer your
question, please describe more about what you need to do, and
I think somebody who has done something similar will answer you.

Here I call a script in a REPEAT loop.  The script is below,
and it makes a gif file on each repetition.

yes? USE coads_climatology
yes? REPEAT/L=1:12 GO (s_plot.jnl `L`)

Where the script s_plot.jnl contains these commands:

   SHADE/L=$1 sst

This creates a set of gif files, which you then need to make into
a movie using the steps in the Users Guide, Chapter 5, or the FAQ,

I recommend using the whirlgif utility that is described there, if
a gif animation will suit your needs.  It is simple to use.

Ansley Manke

Yogesh Kumar Tiwari wrote:

> Dear users of Ferret,
> I want to make the animation with  ferret using .jnl file, I would be
> thankful for this help.
> Yogesh

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