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Re: Descriptor hard limitations

I seem to have run into a Ferret roadblock with a limitation
on the number of named regions that can be defined.
It would appear that the current limit is about 10.
My goal is to pre-define and name regions around the mouths
of major global rivers in order to facilitate analyses
of modeled river disharges in a coupled climate model,
and we are interested in more than 10 rivers.

But when I try to define an 11th named region, ferret v 5.41
 **ERROR: a program limit has been reached: Cancel or redefine a region

Canceling regions is not a workable alternative ... the idea was 
to have a sizable set of pre-defined regions available for us
to switch among by using the river names.
If I haven't missed something, and there is a current hard limit of 
10, I would hope that the limit on the number of regions that can be
defined and named could be greatly increased in future releases.

Keith Dixon
( kd@gfdl.noaa.gov )
- - - 
> Hi Rick, and everyone,
> Thanks for letting us know about your frustrations.  We can
> raise all of these limits, and will do so in the next release after
> version 5.41.
> In general, please do tell us when you're running into any kind
> of roadblock with Ferret.  Ferret users are stretching Ferret
> to its limits in all kinds of ways, and we don't always hear about
> it.  Most of these hard limits are because much of the core source
> code in Ferret is f77 code.  Sometimes array dimensions can
> simply be increased, or other minor changes can be made to
> lift restrictions without too much trouble.
> We're also working on a document that will list the values of
> limits that are built in to Ferret.  I'll post a note about that when
> it's available.
> Ansley Manke

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