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Re: plotting a time series over a hovmuller plot

Hello Heine,
	You could use plot/vs to do this as in the following demo

! define an x-t variable
def axis/x=135e:135w:1/units=longitude xax
def axis/t=1-jan-1985:31-dec-1987:1/units=days tax
def grid/x=xax/t=tax grd
let sst=randu(x[g=grd]+t[g=grd])+x[g=grd]
! and draw it
fill sst

! now define the function of t only (with values in the longitude range)
let ZEROPOINT=180+20*sin(6.28*l[g=sst]/365)
! and overplot it as a dark black line
plot/o/vs/line=13 zeropoint,t[g=grd]

Hope this helps,
Mick Spillane

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