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Re: limit on the number of data point

Here is the section of the documentation that you need.
Look in the Users Guide index, under "files, ASCII".  This
points to Chapter 2, section 5.1, which has several exaples
of reading ASCII data. Example 2 explains what Ferret
is doing with your data, and how to read a larger number
of points:
Example 21 variable, 1 dimension, with a large number
of data points.

The simple FILE command:

yes? FILE/VAR=height plant.dat

uses an abstract axis of fixed length, 20480 points.  If
your data is larger than that, you can read the data by
defining an axis of appropriate length.  Set the length to
a number equal to or larger than the dimension of your
data.   The plot command will plot the actual number
of points in the file.

yes? DEFINE AXIS/X/X=1:50000:1 longax
yes? DEFINE GRID/X=longax  biggrid

yes? FILE/VAR=height/GRID=biggrid plant.dat
yes? PLOT height

You will only need to change the FILE command to read two

Ansley Manke

Namba Takaya wrote:

Dear Sir

I have the large amont of point data.
Could you tell me if I have the limit on the number of data point in

I tried to do this

file/var="xpos,ypos" drift.dat
show data

Whether the number of data(drift.dat) is large or small,
the size("show data")  is always 20480 in I column(not showing the exact
number of data).
1. Could you tell me why?
2. Is 20480 the limit of the number of point?
3. How could I make the limit larger?

Thank you in advance.

Takaya Namba

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Ansley Manke  Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory  Seattle WA  (206)526-6246

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