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Re: regridding problem (sub-global to global lat-long grid)

Hi Lev,
We worked this out off-line, answering the Users' list:

This has happened because only one of the two grids is modulo and the two encodings of longitude are different (one -180:180). Thus one can ask for the modulo-axis variable on the grid of the other but not visa versa. To regrid in the other direction, first create a modulo longitude axis that is encoded 0:360 with the same longitude values as the -180:180 (second variable). Then regrid both variables to this axis.

Changes are in the works which will treat *all*
longitudes as modulo and this difficulty should go away.

Ansley Manke

Lev Tarasoff wrote:

I'm trying to blend two data sets. One (variable hd3a) defined on GRID GDK1
name axis # pts start end
XLONB LONGITUDE 156 r 163.5W 8.5W
YLATB LATITUDE 97 r 36.75N 84.75N
The netcdf file was created in ferret.
I want to blend this data into data from another netcdf file (not
created in ferret) which has the global grid:
name axis # pts start end
LON LONGITUDE 360mr 179.5W(-179.5) 179.5E
LAT LATITUDE 180 r 89.5S 89.5N

however, when I try to regrid from GDK1 to GBA1, I get all data flagged
as bad data when using hd3b=hd3a[g=GBA1]

If I try hd3b=hd3a[g=GBA1@mod]
I get the following error:
**ERROR: regridding: @MOD regridding to a non-modulo axis: HD3A

Regridding variables from the 2nd data set to GRID GDK1 does work
however (non-modulo regridding).




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