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Re: contour 3 vectors

Hi Ulf,
I can get you started, but perhaps I don't completely understand your
question.  To create axes from variables you can use the command
define axis/from_data.  See DEFINE AXIS in the on-line Users Guide:

There is a simplified syntax
yes? DEFINE AXIS/X axname=expression

so you can use
yes? DEFINE AXIS/X bax=b[d=1, L=1:100]
yes? DEFINE AXIS/Y cax=c[d=2, L=1:100]
yes? DEFINE GRID/X=bax/Y=cax ggrid

where the values in b and c must be monotonic.  But, to contour,
your variable A needs to be defined at each (x,y) location on
the grid defined by bax and cax, not merely 100 points.

If this doesn't give you enough to get started, please let us know
more about what your data is like so we can help you figure it out.

Ansley Manke

Ulf Schweckendiek wrote:

> Hallo ferreters,
> Probably it's quite easy, but I could not find out:
> Can anybody tell me how to contour a vector subject to
> two vectors being the axis?
> e.g.: a[d=1,l=1:100],b[d=2,l=1:100],c[d=3,l=1:100],
>        all three have the same time axis.
> something like:
> define axis/x= ... (b)  bax
> define axis/y= ... (c)  cax
> define grid ...    bcgrid
> set grid bcgrid
> contour  a[d=1,g=bcgrid]
> with no more time dependency.
> Thanks, Ulf.

Ansley Manke  Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory  Seattle WA  (206)526-6246

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