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FFTA encountered missing data a ...


I've tried to perform the following FFTA analysis but I get this
result.Don't know where is my mistake

Thanks in advance.

Antonio Rodriguez

use wind.nc
DEF AXIS/T=16-JAN-1967:17-AUG-2002:1/UNITS=months regt
 *** NOTE: /UNIT=MONTHS is ambiguous ... using 1/12 of 365.2425 days
DEF AXIS/X=10W:6W:1 x10
DEF AXIS/y=34n:38n:1 y10
DEFINE GRID/x=x10/y=y10 g10x10
SET GRID g10x10
LET regular_variable = UV_MAG_MEAN[GT=regt]
LET variable_mean = regular_variable[x=10w:6w@ave,y=34n:38n@ave]
LET FFT_variable = FFTA(variable_mean[l=1:428])
 PLOT FFT_variable
 *** NOTE: CYC/MONTHS                               is ambiguous ...
using 1/12 of 365 days.

Bailing out of external function "ffta":
	FFTA encountered missing data at (i,j,k,l) -111 -111 -111    1
 **ERROR: : error in external function

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