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Re: Running Ferret Repetitively

I had the same question a year ago (check the archives for some useful
approaches). What I do is use a cshell script to build a suitable 
go file and then batch it through ferret. Here for example is a script
that extracts the header line from my data file (idat121.$1) and adds it
as a title for a ferret plot.

cat idNA121BW.jnl >! tmpB.jnl
echo `head -1 idat121.$1 | gawk '{print "ppl %label 240 32 0 0 0.2@P7"$0}'` >>tmpB.jnl
ferret -batch HD{$1}BW.ps << EOF >& out.tt
go tmpB $1
rm -f tmpB.jnl

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                email: lev@atmosp.physics.utoronto.ca

On Thu, 26 Sep 2002, Bruce or Jennifer Ford wrote:

> Does anyone have experience running Ferret en masse?
> I'd like to pass Ferret variables with a Perl or shell loop and have the
> script run Ferret many times producing figures (A lot of figures for
> animation).
> Has anyone crossed this bridge?  Can this be done with Ferret?
> Thanks!
> Bruce
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> Bruce W. Ford
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