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Announcing Ferret V5.541 on Solaris, Linux, MS Windows,IRIX and "Compaq"

* * * Ferret version 5.41 is now available for download * * *

Ferret V5.41 is available for download on the following
      o Solaris 5.6
      o Solaris 5.8
      o Linux
      o MS Windows (requires an X server)
      o Compaq Tru64 Unix
      o IRIX 6.5

Follow the download instructions at http://www.ferret.noaa.gov/Ferret/.

The new capabilities available in V5.41 are described in the
Release Notes are available at
The updated V5.41 Ferret Users Guide is available there, too.

Note that Ferret V5.41 can directly access data sets from
the National Virtual Ocean Data System (NVODS). Learn more
about Ferret, DODS, and NVODS at

        Happy Ferreting -- the Ferret developers

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