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Re: removing the ferret logo

Hello Hein -

This is easily done with the /NOLABEL qualifier on
PLOT, CONTOUR, VECTOR etc. There is no need to use
the /SET qualifier first.

A possible disadvantage is that /NOLAB will also remove 
some other labels that you might want, including the 
axis labels, the automatic title, the data set identifier.
In my opinion, any publication-quality plot will always
need a bit of hand-twiddling, including specifying the 
axis labels, format of the numeric axis labels, title 
text, size, font, and location, etc. This twiddling is 
so easy to do that it doesn't seem to be a problem. 
Again this is just my opinion, but there is a qualitative 
difference between an exploratory plot and a publication 
plot. In the first case, ferret's complete documentation 
of the data set and the variable name and exact description 
of any smoothing or transformations done are useful. In the
second case, the plotter's scientific judgement comes into
play in, for one, carefully writing a title (or a few lines
of title) that is in effect a caption. I can't imagine (and
wouldn't want) an automatic titler that presumed to do this.
Since publication-quality plots are much, much rarer than 
exploratory plots, the small amount of extra work required
to make a really nice looking plot is well worth the effort.

Billy K

> Dear Ferret developers,
> I have a request for some functionality in Ferret. Although I can
> appreciate the ferret logo being printed by default on all my plots,
> for print quality plots and publications it is almost always required
> to remove the logo. I am aware that I can do this using 
> fill /set_up etopo60
> go remove_logo
> ppl fill
> however this does not allow me to switch off the logo using my .ferret
> file, or some other 'print-quality.jnl' file. Is it possible to change
> this to an option that can be 'set' before plotting, something like
> set no_logo
> and afterwards it doesn't print the logo anymore? It would become much
> simpler to draw plots after that, without having to use plot /set_up. 
> Similarly, an option
> set no_labels
> could be very useful, as it can be set in an initialization
> file. Again, I see the need to acknowledge the use of ferret, but
> these options could make the use of ferret a lot more friendly, I
> think.
> 	Hein Zelle
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