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removing the ferret logo

Dear Ferret developers,

I have a request for some functionality in Ferret. Although I can
appreciate the ferret logo being printed by default on all my plots,
for print quality plots and publications it is almost always required
to remove the logo. I am aware that I can do this using 

fill /set_up etopo60
go remove_logo
ppl fill

however this does not allow me to switch off the logo using my .ferret
file, or some other 'print-quality.jnl' file. Is it possible to change
this to an option that can be 'set' before plotting, something like

set no_logo

and afterwards it doesn't print the logo anymore? It would become much
simpler to draw plots after that, without having to use plot /set_up. 
Similarly, an option

set no_labels

could be very useful, as it can be set in an initialization
file. Again, I see the need to acknowledge the use of ferret, but
these options could make the use of ferret a lot more friendly, I

	Hein Zelle

    Hein Zelle
    Dept. of Oceographic Research
    KNMI, The Netherlands
    work:        zelle@knmi.nl     http://www.knmi.nl/~zelle
    private:     hein@icce.rug.nl  http://www.icce.rug.nl/~hein
    Phone:       +31 (0)30 2206704
Zie ook/see also: http://www.knmi.nl/maildisclaimer.html 

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