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Re: vertical/horizontal lines

Hi Mulyono,
The graticule script sets the tic marks on the axis to draw lines all the way across the plot.  It looks as if there is a bug that puts the labels for the axis in the wrong place when the tic marks are in essence lenghtened by this script.  We will be able  to fix this, but in the meantime here is a workaround.  See the FAQ " How can I do overlays on a time axis? " at  for more on the ideas I am using here.

yes? use coads
yes? set view upper
! Plots the data with the time axis labels in the desired position
yes? plot/x=180/L=400:500 sst[y=0], sst[y=10], sst[y=20], sst[y=30]

! Overlay plots of vertical lines to make the vertical lines at the start of each year.
! You could do something similar for horizontal lines.

!  Look at the time axis.It is monthly and in the region we are using, the first
!  December is at L=408

yes? list/L=400:415 t[gt=sst]

! This lets us see how to mark the start of January.  December is 31 days

yes? list/L=400:409 tbox[gt=sst]
yes? let tcenter = 31/ 2.

! Get the y values for the top and bottom of the Y axis.

let ymin = ($yaxis_min)
let ymax = ($yaxis_max)

!  Draw the lines.  K is an arbitrary index.  

yes? let tt = t[GT=sst]
yes? REPEAT/k=408:500:12 (let tpt = tt[L=`k`]+tcenter; plot/vs/line/over/color=black {`tpt`, `tpt`}, {`ymin`, '`ymax`})

Mulyono R. Prabowo wrote:
Hello Ansley,

I created 4 graphs in one page as showed in attached file
(4graphs_OLR11.gif) by using attached journal script
(graphs_1_variables.jnl). In this case command of 'go graticule' was

I want to create the same graphs with extra lines along
their x-axis I uncommented the 'go graticule'. The extra vertical lines
were produced, the problem is the labels (J, F, M, A, ...etc. with the
years) would be away down (see attached 4graphs_OLR12.gif). What I want is
the graphs with vertical and horizontal lines as in 4graphs_OLR12.gif but
the labels are close as in 4graphs_OLR11.gif. How can I make such kind of
graphs? If it is possible even I want to add one vertical line for every 3
months (M,J,S,D) along the x-axis.

The problem did not occur when I created one graph in one page (with out
commend of 'ppl axlen ...'). I have been trying also to use 'go gridlines'
or 'go gridxy' but I did not get any success. With command of 'go
gridlines hdelta vdelta' would produce vertical in one spot that I think
is not following 'hdelta' and 'vdelta'. With command of 'go gidxy', the
lines would be not at the places that I want (I modified command line 'PPL
LEV () (..,..,..)' in the gridxy.jnl, shifting accumulatively).

I am using ferret 5.22 on sgi mechine. Thank you for your help. RGDS,


cancel data/all
use/regulart olr.monthly.7901.nc !!! olr
use/regulart u850.monthly.7901.nc !!! uwnd
use/regulart u500.monthly.7901.nc !!! uwnd
use/regulart u200.monthly.7901.nc !!! uwnd
!define viewport /xlim=0.0125:0.990625 /ylim=0.675:0.975 ul
!define viewport /xlim=0.0125:0.990625 /ylim=0.450:0.750 ur
!define viewport /xlim=0.0125:0.990625 /ylim=0.225:0.525 ll
!define viewport /xlim=0.0125:0.799032 /ylim=0.000:0.300 lr
define viewport /xlim=0.0125:0.990625 /ylim=0.675:0.900 ul
define viewport /xlim=0.0125:0.990625 /ylim=0.450:0.675 ur
define viewport /xlim=0.0125:0.990625 /ylim=0.225:0.450 ll
define viewport /xlim=0.0125:0.799032 /ylim=0.000:0.225 lr
set window/size=0.25
!set window/aspect=0.75
!set window/aspect=1.5
palette bluescale
show data/full
define grid/like=monthly[d=1] new_grid
define grid/like=um850[d=2] new_grid2
let A = 240*l/ l[gt=new_grid@asn]
let B = 0*l/l[gt=new_grid2@asn]

!set mode metafile
set viewport ul
ppl axlen 11.0,2.0;
go graticule
let data11 = monthly[d=1,x=90e:120e@ave,y=10s:0@ave,l=1:72];
let data12 = monthly[d=1,x=90e:120e@ave,y=0:10n@ave,l=1:72];
let data13 = monthly[d=1,x=120e:150e@ave,y=10s:0@ave,l=1:72];
let data14 = monthly[d=1,x=120e:150e@ave,y=0:10n@ave,l=1:72];
let data14 = monthly[d=1,x=120e:150e@ave,y=0:10n@ave,l=1:72];
go remove_logo; plot/nolabels/vlimits=180:300:-15 A[l=1:72], data11, data12, data13, data14
set viewport ur
ppl axlen 11.0,2.0;
let data21 = monthly[d=1,x=90e:120e@ave,y=10s:0@ave,l=73:144];
let data22 = monthly[d=1,x=90e:120e@ave,y=0:10n@ave,l=73:144];
let data23 = monthly[d=1,x=120e:150e@ave,y=10s:0@ave,l=73:144];
let data24 = monthly[d=1,x=120e:150e@ave,y=0:10n@ave,l=73:144];
go remove_logo; plot/nolabels/vlimits=180:300:-15 A[l=73:144], data21, data22, data23, data24
set viewport ll
ppl axlen 11.0,2.0;
let data31 = monthly[d=1,x=90e:120e@ave,y=10s:0@ave,l=145:216];
let data32 = monthly[d=1,x=90e:120e@ave,y=0:10n@ave,l=145:216];
let data33 = monthly[d=1,x=120e:150e@ave,y=10s:0@ave,l=145:216];
let data34 = monthly[d=1,x=120e:150e@ave,y=0:10n@ave,l=145:216];
go remove_logo; plot/nolabels/vlimits=180:300:-15 A[l=145:216], data31, data32, data33, data34
set viewport lr
ppl axlen 9.7,2.1;
let data41 = monthly[d=1,x=90e:120e@ave,y=10s:0@ave,l=217:276];
let data42 = monthly[d=1,x=90e:120e@ave,y=0:10n@ave,l=217:276];
let data43 = monthly[d=1,x=120e:150e@ave,y=10s:0@ave,l=217:276];
let data44 = monthly[d=1,x=120e:150e@ave,y=0:10n@ave,l=217:276];
plot/set_up/title="Monthly OLR, x=90e:150e y=10s:10n" /vlimits=180:300:-15 A[l=217:276]
go remove_logo; go unlabel 4; go unlabel 5; go unlabel 6; ppl plot
plot/over data41
plot/over data42
plot/over data43
plot/over data44
!cancel mode metafile
!spa wn gksm2ps -o 4graphs_OLR.ps metafile.plt
frame/file= 4graphs_OLR12.gif

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