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mc desciptor file under solaris

Hi Ferreters,

I'm trying to open severel netcdf files using ferret.  I've done this 
before with the same data files under linux ferret with no difficulty but 
under solaris it doesn't want to work.  I've tweaked the .des file that I 
used under linux so that it complies with the f77 namelist format but 
still no success.  

The error message:
yes? set data uppvpp.des
 **TMAP ERR: Error in namelist record
             Didn't find: FORMAT_RECORD; or file not descriptor file
             Data set: ./uppvpp.des

The .des file:

  D_TYPE               = '  MC',
  D_FORMAT             = '  1A',
  D_EXPNUM             = '0000',
  D_MODNUM             = '  00',
  D_TITLE              = 'NCEP reanalysis, Daily averages',
  D_T0TIME             = '30-DEC-0000 00:00:00',
  D_TIME_UNIT          = 3600.,
  D_TIME_MODULO        = .FALSE.,
  D_MESSAGE            = ' ',
  D_ALERT_ON_OPEN      = F,

  S_FILENAME         = "/data2/gte328r/ncep/temp/des/uppvpp.1957.nc.1957",
  S_AUX_SET_NUM      = 0,
  S_START            = 17145984.,
  S_END              = 17154720.,
  S_DELTA            = 24.,
  S_NUM_OF_FILES     = 1,
...... many more files 

  s_filename           = '**END OF STEPFILES**'

Anyone see anything obvious that I'm missing?  I've just started using 
Ferret w/Solaris so it might be something obvious.

BTW, I tried with the linux naming scheme as well, (using & instead of $ 
and / instead of $END, still no luck).

More info:
        FERRET v5.40  
        Solaris 5.6 - 02/15/02
        19-Aug-02 16:24     

running under BASH if that makes a difference.



Brent A. McDaniel

Dept of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Ga.  USA

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