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Re: Abt. defining the y axis from file.

Hi Sachin,
You need the DEFINE AXIS/FROM_DATA syntax, which is described in the Commands Reference section of the users' guide (Ref Sec4.2. DEFINE AXIS).  The easiest way to find it is to look up "DEFINE AXIS, FROM_DATA" in the index at

First you need to read in the expression for the axis.  Say the values for your axis are in  the file my_yaxis.dat, in a single column as in example 1 in Ch2 Sec5.1 Reading ASCII FILES (see "ASCII data, reading" in the Users Guide index).   Use the FILE
command to define a variable ypoints.  Then define the axis for contouring using ypoints.  Here I call it yyax.

yes? FILE/var=ypoints my_yaxis.dat
yes? DEFINE AXIS/from_data/name=yyax ypoints

Then you can define a grid with yyax as the y axis.

Ansley Manke

Sachin Bhandare wrote:

> Dear All,
>    I want to define the y axis for plotting the
> contour from a seperate file.
>    can u tell me the commands for defining the
> axis from file.
>    if i write the commands in the text editor
> then how can i execute this after yes? prompt
>    thanking you in advance.
>                                       sachin
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