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Re: seasonal climatology

Hello Ramesh,
I just re-read your message and realized I didn't quite answer
what you asked.   There is a very easy way to put your data
on a seasonal climatological axis.   In the section of the Users'
Guide under "Climatologies, creating" you will see that Ferret has
some climatological time axes already  created for you, and you
can simply regrid your data to one of them; in this case, the
SEASONAL_REG axis.  Again using the coads_climatology
data as an example:

yes? use coads_climatology
yes? set data climatological_axes
 *** NOTE: regarding /home/ja9/tmap/fer_dsets/data/climatological_axes.cdf ...
 *** NOTE: Climatological axes SEASONAL_REG, MONTH_REG, and MONTH_IRREG defined

yes? cancel data climatological_axes   ! the axes remain defined.

yes? let seas_sst = sst[gt=seasonal_reg]
yes? list/x=180/y=0 seas_sst
                        regrid: 2191 hour on T
             DATA SET : COADS Monthly Climatology (1946-1989)
             FILENAME : coads_climatology.des
             FILEPATH : /home/ja9/tmap/fer_dsets/descr/
             SUBSET   : 4 points (TIME)
             LONGITUDE: 179E
             LATITUDE : 1S
 15-FEB      / 1:  28.36
 16-MAY      / 2:  28.49
 16-AUG      / 3:  28.71
 15-NOV      / 4:  28.89

yes? plot/step/x=180/y=0 sst[gt=seasonal_reg]

Ansley Manke

ramesh wrote:

Dear ferret users,

      I have a CDF file,  which contains monthly climatological values.
I wish to make seasonal climatology as (dec,jan,feb) ,  (mar,apr,may) ,
(jun,jul,aug),  (sep,oct,nov) .  How can I calculate this in ferret.

Thanks in advance.


Ansley Manke  Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory  Seattle WA  (206)526-6246

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