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Re: seasonal climatology

Hi Ramesh,
Below is a link to an FAQ which may help you.  It makes a seasonal
mask and applies it to a weekly data set.  You would use month numbers
rather than day numbers, but the ideas are similar.  For example to get
spring (mar,apr,may) you would do something like this, using the
coads_climatology monthly climatology dataset:

   USE coads_climatology
   LET my_months = L[gt=sst]
   LET spring_mask = IF my_months GE 4 AND my_months LE 6 THEN 1
   LET sst_spring = sst* spring_mask
   PLOT/x=180/y=0 sst_spring


Ansley Manke

ramesh wrote:

> Dear ferret users,
>       I have a CDF file,  which contains monthly climatological values.
> I wish to make seasonal climatology as (dec,jan,feb) ,  (mar,apr,may) ,
> (jun,jul,aug),  (sep,oct,nov) .  How can I calculate this in ferret.
> Thanks in advance.
> regrards,
> Ramesh

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