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Re: Labels on right axis of PLOT plot, and "go black"

Hi Gary,
Here's another way, using viewports.  Define two viewports that are exactly the same.  Plot with one axis labelled in the first and the other axis labelled in the second.  Somewhat kludgy, but it does give you the exact same labels on the axis.  You could plot blank data in the second plot, but here's a simple example:
define view/xlim=0,1/ylim=0,1 view_a
define view/xlim=0,1/ylim=0,1 view_b

! This plot has the bottom and left axes labelled.
set view view_a
plot/i=1:12 1./i

! This one labels the right-hand axis.
set view view_b
plot/set/i=1:12 1./i
ppl axlabp 0, 1
ppl plot

Mick Spillane wrote:

On Wed, 24 Jul 2002, Gary Strand wrote:

> Is there a really easy way to get a duplicate of the left axis data labels on
> the right hand side of a PLOT plot? I'd rather avoid doing the labelling by
> hand, if possible.

Hi Gary,
        There is a PlotPlus "Advanced Command" %yaxis that may work for
you though there is limited control on the style of the labelling. Try
this demo
        fill/i=1:10/j=1:8/nokey i+j
        ppl ylab,@sr ; ppl %yaxis,,,,`($XAXIS_MAX)`,,,,1
If you want the y-axis label as well as the values to appear on the right
(with the same orientation as that on the left) drop the ppl ylab,@sr

For complete details see Chapter 13 of the PlotPlus User's Guide

Good luck with your other questions,
Mick Spillane

Ansley Manke  Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory  Seattle WA  (206)526-6246

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