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Re: Labels on right axis of PLOT plot, and "go black"

On Wed, 24 Jul 2002, Gary Strand wrote:

> Is there a really easy way to get a duplicate of the left axis data labels on
> the right hand side of a PLOT plot? I'd rather avoid doing the labelling by
> hand, if possible.

Hi Gary,
	There is a PlotPlus "Advanced Command" %yaxis that may work for
you though there is limited control on the style of the labelling. Try
this demo
	fill/i=1:10/j=1:8/nokey i+j
	ppl ylab,@sr ; ppl %yaxis,,,,`($XAXIS_MAX)`,,,,1
If you want the y-axis label as well as the values to appear on the right
(with the same orientation as that on the left) drop the ppl ylab,@sr

For complete details see Chapter 13 of the PlotPlus User's Guide

Good luck with your other questions,
Mick Spillane

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