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Re: mixed layer depth from 3D ocean temperature

Hi Ramesh,
The script works with the levitus_climatology dataset that's
included with Ferret:

yes? use levitus_climatology
yes? let diff = temp - (temp[k=1] - 0.5)
yes? let mld = diff[z=@loc:0]
yes? plot mld[y=0]

Perhaps your data does not have valid values at k=1? You can use "STAT PTEMP[k=1]" to check this, and perhaps
use SHADE to show some slices of data and see if there is
something unexpected

Ansley Manke

ramesh wrote:

Dear ferret users,

      I  copied the mixid layer depth script
from mail archives.  I  tried to calculate the
mixed layer depth. But it writes all values as undefined.

the script  is as follows:
USE ptemp5801.nc
show data
    currently SET data sets:
   1> ./ptemp5801.nc  (default)
name     title                             I         J
K         L
PTEMP    Potential Temperature            1:192     1:128     1:32
let diff = ptemp - ptemp[k=1] + 0.5
let mld = diff[z=@loc:0]
set r/i=1:192/j=1:128/k=1/l=1:528
save/file=mixlay5801.nc mld

please help me in finding the mixed layer depth.


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