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Re: Converting gifs to MPEG, via one means or another...

I have used the makempeg script that is on my Linux distribution.  It is from the University of Minnesota from a number of years ago.  It works fairly well.

However, I'd probably choose to make it into an animated GIF.  I use gifsicle ( http://www.lcdf.org/~eddietwo/gifsicle/ ).  I started using this because the files are smaller than with MPEG's and you can change the amount of time between frames. 
With 60 frames in a movie, it would flash by using an MPEG in two seconds.  


strandwg@ucar.edu writes:
>I've got a sequence of 3000 gifs (250 years * 12 months/year) of FERRET gif87
>files that I'd like to convert to an MPEG, preferably MPEG-2.
>I've tried 'yuvconvert' and it's old and creaky and slow and it doesn't work
>to boot.
>I'm not tied to Unix tools - I've got a Wintel2000 box I can use; does anyone
>have any ideas?
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