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Multiple metafiles

Hello All,

I am starting to branch out into multiple tasks rather than single tasks
per script.  I want to create a program that will:

1)  take a file name and add a subscript for each time it goes thru a

     i.e.  set mode metafile 'filename'i.plt          where i changes
from 1 to 100

2)  next goes to  a task and cycles it through multiple times, but
indexing along the way

     i.e.  fill...........   Div[d=2, l=i:i+3@ave]   where i loops from
1 to 100

3)  finally the title changes from "Day i to i+3"   again where i
increments through 1 to 100

I can do this in fortran, but it has none of the graphical capabilities,
or for that matter some of the computational conveniences, that Ferret

Appreciate if anyone can give some info on the needed commands.  Thanks
in advance.


Texas A&M University

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