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Re: Time Axis Label

> I would like to change Time axis label. I understand that TXLSZE can change 
> the Time Label. However TXLSZE change both size of month and year at the 
> same time. In the case to change month or year label size label size 
> individually, could somebody tell me how?

As far as I know this is not possible directly. txlsze works on the 
entire axis label setup as a unit. I can think of two possibilities 

1. Write the labels by hand. This is not hard using a repeat loop,
for example. Or just make the list of label commands. 

2. Make the same plot twice, using identical viewport definitions.
In one case label just the years (ppl txlint,0,1), specifying txlsze
as appropriate. Then the next time around just label the months
(ppl txlint,1,0). 

Billy K

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