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Re: creating CDF file

Hi Eric,

Some time ago, I received the following:

list/format=cdf/file=merged_data.cdf u[d=1],v[d=2] #supposing you have #to merge two data #files

And it work for me



Forgoston Eric wrote:


I am trying to create a CDF file that will be read by ferret. Just to see if I can do this, I've created a CDF file within ferret. Then at the command line I have used ncdump to create a CDL file. I use ncgen -b (and also other variations such as ncgen -n, ...) to make the binary netCDF file, but when I try to call the new CDF file within ferret I get one of two
error messages. If I write "Use file_name", ferret responds with "**netCDF error: Not a netcdf file. is this a CDF file." If I write "Use Data file_name" then ferret responds with "**TMAP ERR: non-existent or not on line. Searched $FER_DESCR and $FER_DATA for data(.des,.cdf,.nc)."

Any suggestions as to what is going on. Thank you.

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