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Re: gui interface problems, continue

Hi Jon,

I've tried all the combinations! (9.5w 9,5W 9.5W 9,5w)

>One more thing:

>Try putting in a space: "9.5 W"

The systems resets automatically to that format

and always I get the same result, even if I try to use for example 352 instead of 8w.

Seems to be a conflict with the ferret environment and my linux configuration but I'm not able to find the answer



Jonathan Callahan wrote:


Try a 'W' instead of 'w'.

-- Jon

arv@ono.com wrote:

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Remitente: Jonathan Callahan <callahan@pmel.noaa.gov>
Fecha: Jueves, Junio 6, 2002 4:58 pm
Asunto: Re: gui interface problem


I don't have advice on the first couple of warnings but I do on the
syntax error.  In english we use '.' to separate integer and decimal
portions of a real number.  Ferret uses ',' to separate arguments
to a
command and doesn't understand the European notation '9,5' as a
I hope that helps.

Hi Jonathan.

Seems it doesn't work, because I get:

Cannot interpret "9.5w" as a world coordinate. Value being reset

And on the console appears this:

ERROR in JC_Utility.c: JC_String_ConvertLongitudeToFloat(): sscanf read
1 items.
gsetviewport()   52 Viewport is not within the Normalized Device
Coordinate unit square

Any idea?

Thanks in advance

Antonio Rodriguez
CICEM Agua del Pino
Huelva, Spain

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