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FFTA Message

Howdy again,

I have been using a variation of the ef_fft_demo script to analyze three
years of rain data ( 1 day time steps and 1 X 1 degree spatial grids).
The problem is the following message occurs when I run the script:

LET FFT_raintim = precip[y=5s:20s,x=150e:170w]

LET FFT_newrainfft = ffta(FFT_raintim[l=1:1096])

LET FFT_rainfft=FFT_newrainfft[x=150:190@ave,y=-5:-20@ave]

SET VARIABLE/TITLE="Amplitude Spectrum" FFT_rainfft

PLOT FFT_rainfft

 *** NOTE: unknown axis units: CYC/HOURS

The time step of my data is in 1 day increments, but the dates are given
in year, month, date and time (eg. 12:00).  I suspect this is causing
the error message.  My plots still occur, but they look noisier than
expected which may be related to this error message.  Is there a way to
eliminate the "unknown axis units" problem without re-writing the entire
cdf file to only read data per day?  Thanks in advance.


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