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Re: finding monthly averages

Hi Antonio,
It looks like what you're doing is right.  To output
each month to a file, you need the LIST/FILE=/FORMAT=
command.  For an ASCII file, just give it a fortran
format suitable for your data, and a file name. For
example, to list the data along the equator, 

  let jan=sst_monthly_ave[l=1]
  list/format=(f8.2)/file=january.dat jan[y=0]

Or, if you want to list data over the whole x-y
grid, you might do this to see the longitudes and
latitudes with the data. (the command is all on one
line, it may wrap around in this message)

x[gx=sst], y[gy=sst], jan


--- antonio <arv@ono.com> wrote:
> Dear All,
> I'm trying to find out the january (feb,...) mean
> for a period from
> 1960
> to 1997, so I've followed these instructions found
> in the mail
> archives:
> use climatological_axes
> set data sst.cdf
> let sst_monthly_ave=sst[gt=month_irreg@mod]
> Now, sst_monthly_ave[l=1] refers to the january
> average, l=2 to Feb
> etc..
> Is this OK?
> How do I can save each separate variable, i.e. :
> let jan=sst_monthly_ave[l=1]
> and how do I could export it as an ascii file in
> order to use it in
> other progrmas (R for example)
> Thanks
> Antonio Rodríguez
> CICEM Agua del Pino
> Huelva,
> Spain

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