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Re: How to suppress contour labels?

There is a demo script "go custom_contour_demo". It
shows that the CONTOUR/LEVELS qualifier can be used to
supress the lables on the contour lines.

  contour/levels=(1,30,2,-3) my_var

will contour the data with levels at 1 through 30 in
increments of 2, with no labels.

Also, look up "contour, label controls" in the users
guide, there is a section that describes this and also
the PPL CONSET command, another way of of controlling
the labels and other properties of the contouring.


--- Benyang Tang <btang@pacific.jpl.nasa.gov> wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to turn off contour labels. I use
> yes? contour/nolabel
> but it only suppresses the axis labels.
> Any suggestions? Thanks.
> Benyang Tang

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