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Re: how to merge cdf files

Hi Antonio,

You can specify parameters about a variable in square brackets
immediately following the variable.  See User's Guide:

In your example below, you may refer to a variable from the first
dataset, presumably uwnd as:
uwnd[d=uwnd.cdf]  or  uwnd[d=1] no matter which dataset is set as the

You may also use the Save/append command (see user's guide)

to create new data sets with multiple variables.

antonio rodriguez wrote:

> Hi,
> Suppose I have to cdf files: uwnd and vwnd
> If I type:
>  >use uwnd.cdf
>  >use vwnd.cdf
>                 #I only have acces to the last file opened (vwnd.cdf)
> so I type:
>  >set data uwnd.cdf     #and I have access to uwnd but not to vwnd
> How do I can merge (or save) both file in one? for example: u_v.cdf
> Thanks,
> Antonio

Joseph McLean

"I know what I'm doing"
                 Bubba Zanetti

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