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problems installing ferret


I'm facing a problem with the ferret installation.

AMD Duron
Linux Mandrake 8.1

I've downloaded the 3 basic files (env, exec and data_sets)

I've followed the uncompressing instructions and when I've tried to run
Finstall, I get the following:

Enter your choice:
(1) Install executables, (2) Customize 'ferret_paths', (3) Exit and    
do nothing
 (1,2, or 3) --> ./Finstall: line 36: syntax error near unexpected token
./Finstall: line 36: `set choice = $<'

So I can't follow.I'm installing ferret as superuser.

Ferret directory:


Thanks in advance

Antonio Rodríguez
CICEM Agua del Pino
Huelva, Spain

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