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Re: select daytime data only

Hi Nicholas,
Here's a way to select hourly data just in the daytime hours.  It's based
on the FAQ about making a seasonal mask, where a similar thing is done
to choose just the springtime data out of a weekly series.  See this at:

   ! select_daytime.jnl   Get the daytime values out of an hourly series.
   ! First to illustrate the ideas, make up some hourly time data.

   DEF AXIS/T="4-JUL-1998:00:00":"30-JUL-1998:00:00":1/UNITS=hours  hourax
   LET mydat = sin(T[GT=hourax]/20)
   PLOT mydat

   ! Define a variable 0 to 23, hours of the day
   ! select the daytime hours

   LET hrseq = MOD(T[GT=hourax], 24)
   LET night_mask = IF hrseq GT 6 AND hrseq LE 18 THEN 1

   ! List the mask variables to show what the masking will do;
   ! Plot the daytime data.

   LIST/L=1:30  hrseq, night_mask
   PLOT/OVER/SYM/COLOR=red mydat* night_mask

Nicolas Schneider wrote:

> Dear ferret users
> I have a dataset with e.g. the variable TEMP that is on a time axis from
> "04-Jul-1998 00:00" until "07-Jul-1998 00:00" (3 days). I would now like to
> select only data during daytime, i.e. from 06:00 until 20:00 for any of the
> three days and have this as one new variable (can be indexed with no time
> assignment). Is is possible to do this in ferret? If possible without writing a
> new file as the output would be quite big.
> Thanks for any help
> Nicolas
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> University of Bern
> Institute of Geography
> Climatology & Meteorology
> Hallerstrasse 12
> CH-3012 Bern
> phone +41-31-631-8542
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> email schneid@giub.unibe.ch

Ansley Manke  Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory  Seattle WA  (206)526-6246

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