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problem reading ascii data

I'm sure this is a simple one but I can't see it. I'm trying to get a plot from ASCII data (first time I've worked with ASCII data in Ferret).  If I issue the following commands I get the plot I expect (see attached plot1):

def axis/x=1:109:1 xx
def axis/y=1:109:1 yy
def grid/x=xx/y=yy gg
file/var=co2/grid=gg/columns=4 co2330.dat
contour co2

However, the data is actually radiative transmittance data arranged as a lookup table so it has both axes of pressure. So, it would be nice to do the plot with the correct axes information. So this time I try:

def axis/x=1:109:1 xt
def grid/x=xt g_p
file/var=ptran/grid=g_p ptran.dat
def axis/from_data/name=xp/x/units=mb ptran
def axis/from_data/name=yp/y/units=mb ptran
def grid/x=xp/y=yp g_tran
file/var=co2/grid=g_tran/columns=4 co2330.dat

The file ptran.dat is a single column of 109 lines and each line contains a pressure value in mb.

If I plot this, although the axes ranges are correct, it's clear the plot is wrong. In fact, it looks as though Ferret is only plotting data from about half the range of the axes (see attached plot2.gif).

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.



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