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problem with samplexy and missing xpts, ypts

Hi Ferreters:

I've encountered a problem with samplexy when data is missing in the xpts, and/or ypts,
for ferret versions 5.33 and 5.40 on Linux.

use coads_climatology
let xwbad  {140,150,,170}
list xwbad
let ywbad  {20,30,40,}
list ywbad

! can list if you avoid the bad xpts,ypts:

list samplexy(sst[l=1],xwbad[i=1:2],ywbad[i=1:2])

! but it has trouble if you include the bad xpts,ypts:
! including the following line causes ferret to hang:

! list samplexy(sst[l=1],xwbad[i=1:3],ywbad[i=1:3])

! interestingly, one can avoid the problem by simply regridding
! to a similar grid!?!

define axis/X=1:360:2/units=longitude xaxis
define axis/y=89S:89N:2/units=latitude yaxis
define grid/like=sst/x=xaxis/y=yaxis mygrid
let sst_tmp = sst[G=mygrid]

list samplexy(sst_tmp[l=1],xwbad,ywbad)

Is this a bug? Or how should I understand this behaviour?

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