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Re: Use of system fonts?

Adding just a few additional strings on an EPS file is not a problem; I
was really more interested in having a way to ged rid of ALL drawn
letters, including labels etc and to have them as hardware caracters

I'm not a Ferret/PPL expert so the lines of action I can think are the

One could add into the font table an additional font @HW (hardware font)
which is just the copy of the default font.
The @HW "command"  when USING fonts could then be used as a FLAG setting
which could be used at the lowest level routine that plots characters
to replace its standart way of plotting caracters by a suitable
piece of postscript or other replacement code.

The problem is that if ferret ALWAYS gets through a metafile (does
simple chain the operations or does it directly produce postscript ??)
then these postscript commands should be made "special commands"
understood and treated
differently by Fprint.

This would only work when producing postscript and the user should not
@HW when plotting in X.

If the intermediate Metafile accepts "comments" in it, another
possibility would simply to add before and after each caracter to be
plotted a specific comment that can be interpreted by Fprint so that it
can replace the
drawing sequence between these two comments by a postscript call to a
text placement. This approach would then also work on X.

This would ask for recoding and a new compilation, probably only
for someone used to the code ?

Billy Kessler a écrit :
> One solution is to convert postscript out of ferret into
> encapsulated postscript (eps) files, then bring the postscript
> in to a word processor (e.g. WOrdPerfect), and add whatever
> titles, captions, etc are needed. I do this frequently.
> Conversion to eps can be done with the unix shell script
> ps2epsi (part of the ghostscript freeware package). The change
> is small, just adding the "bounding box" statement.
> THe word processor treatment is not suitable for axis or
> contour labels and other small things, but I routinely make
> ferret postscript with no titles, then add titles and a
> caption in WordPerfect.
> One hint if you are doing this is to use Fprint -p portrait
> if the page you will be putting the graphic on is in portrait
> orientation. Wordperfect allows rotation but it is easier to
> get the size and spacing right if the ferret postscript is
> already that way.
> Billy K
> On Wed, 17 Apr 2002, Olivier Marti wrote:
> > Le 16/04/02 20:02, « Ansley Manke » <ansley@pmel.noaa.gov> a écrit :
> >
> > > Hello Jean-Marie,
> > > There is not a way to change to system fonts within Ferret or
> > > the postprocessing done by Fprint.  Possibly the best solution is
> > > to use a graphics tool such as Illustrator.   Has anyone done this?
> > >
> > > It sounds as if you have some ideas; if you work out methods of
> > > customizing your plots, please post them to the Users' group.
> > >
> > > Ansley Manke
> > >
> > >
> >
> > I've already tried to edit Ferret PostScript with Adobe Illustrator, and I
> > was very disapointed. Ferret does not include any character in the graphic
> > file. Instead, all characters are emulated through graphic primitives.
> > Editing the PostScript means removing all emulated 'characters' to replace
> > them by actual ones. This is a real pain.
> >
> > This comes from the metafile generated by Ferret, and thus cannot be change
> > by a smarter version of Fprint.
> >
> > Olivier
> >
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