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Re: Use of system fonts?

Le 16/04/02 20:02, « Ansley Manke » <ansley@pmel.noaa.gov> a écrit :

> Hello Jean-Marie,
> There is not a way to change to system fonts within Ferret or
> the postprocessing done by Fprint.  Possibly the best solution is
> to use a graphics tool such as Illustrator.   Has anyone done this?
> It sounds as if you have some ideas; if you work out methods of
> customizing your plots, please post them to the Users' group.
> Ansley Manke

I've already tried to edit Ferret PostScript with Adobe Illustrator, and I
was very disapointed. Ferret does not include any character in the graphic
file. Instead, all characters are emulated through graphic primitives.
Editing the PostScript means removing all emulated 'characters' to replace
them by actual ones. This is a real pain.

This comes from the metafile generated by Ferret, and thus cannot be change
by a smarter version of Fprint.


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