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Re: polar_2d

Hi Boyin,
The scripts polar_2d and polar_grid are old, and are superseded
by the newer map projection capabilities, which give you much
more control over the plots.

For an introduction to the map projections, run the demo script,
yes? go mp_demo

Also see the on-line Users' Guide.  Look under "map projections,
using scripts"  in the index.  Also, in the the FAQ's, there are several
topics under Map projections.   There is one entitled "How can I
make publication-quality Polar Stereographic Plots?"  which will show
you what you need to control various aspects of the plot.

Ansley Manke

Boyin Huang wrote:

It is fine when I tried to plot a map with polar projection using:

set region/y=0:90
go polar_2d contour/nolabel/noaxis/lev=($lev1)/set    crr1 120
ppl contour
go polar_grid

Now, I tried to plot the part between 60 and 90N:

set region/y=60:90

The map is plotted as wanted, but the problem is that the map does not
zoom out (map does not amplified), and the coordinate is still from 0 to 90N.

How can I cut the useless part between 0 and 60N, and amplify the map as big as
specified by "set view ..."?

Appreciate your comments.

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