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leap year and mc files

Hi Ferret Users,

I have begun analysis on data produced by the NASCAR model which defines 
every year as 365 days (so no leap years on 1980 etc).  I converted the 
grads data to netcdf via grads2nc and opened it with ferret.  No suprise, 
it assumed that 1980 was supposed to have leap years so the dates were off 
by one.  I remade the netcdf file using the 
time:calendar_type = "noleap" ; in the header and opened the file via 
ferret and still it assumed that 1980 was a leap year (putting the data 
that should have been mar1 at mar0 and skewing all later data by 1 day).  
Is there a good way to get ferret to recognize the data as being of the 
type noleapyear?  

I'm still using v5.22 but if I upgraded, I could define a new noleap axis  
and regrid the data to it but this seems clunky and is less than 
desireable.  Any suggestions?

Second question:  Once I figure out question 1, I want to open 17 
annual data files as 1 via the mc descriptor files.  I have .des files 
that I use for standard calenders, but I'm confused as to what to put in 
the s_start and s_end because of the lack of leap years.  Is there a flag 
I can somehow use to tell ferret that I want to use noleap year calenders?  
If someone has an example of a noleap year .des file that would be great 
as well.

Hopefully I've explained myself well enough to make my troubles clear.

Thanks as always for the help.


Brent A. McDaniel

Dept of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Ga.  USA

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