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Re: ferret -gif limitations?

Hi Bruce,
Can you use "ferret -batch" or MODE metafile  and make postscript
plots?  I'm not aware of any particular problems with .gif, but the
resolution of the plots isn't as good as with postscript.   If you search
the email archives for the words "resolution" and "gif"  you'll see some
messages about the issue.

And, here's an old message about the bug with frame/format=gif.  It doesn't
have to do with Redhat 7.2

Ansley Manke

Bruce or Jennifer Ford wrote:

> I'm plotting vectors with filled arrowheads which look great on-screen.
> However, to export the graphic, I re-run the script using the "ferret -gif"
> switch.  The arrowheads on the resulting .gif file seem to be smeared.
> (See:  http://incitescience.com/globec/ltm/dec-ltm-vwd-sstd.gif)
> This doesn't happen when I use unfilled vector heads.  Is this a .gif
> limitation?
> Speaking of the -gif option.  I HAVE to use this option to get graphical
> output from Ferret.  I get a consist segmentation fault and an unreadable
> gif file when I use the Frame command without the -gif (I comment out the
> Frame command until I''ve finalized the script).  This is probably a
> function of the X/Gnome set up of Redhat 7.2 but I wonder if there is a
> workaround?
> Thoughts!
> Thanks in advance!!
> Bruce

Ansley Manke  Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory  Seattle WA  (206)526-6246

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