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ferret -gif limitations?

I'm plotting vectors with filled arrowheads which look great on-screen.
However, to export the graphic, I re-run the script using the "ferret -gif"
switch.  The arrowheads on the resulting .gif file seem to be smeared.
(See:  http://incitescience.com/globec/ltm/dec-ltm-vwd-sstd.gif)
This doesn't happen when I use unfilled vector heads.  Is this a .gif

Speaking of the -gif option.  I HAVE to use this option to get graphical
output from Ferret.  I get a consist segmentation fault and an unreadable
gif file when I use the Frame command without the -gif (I comment out the
Frame command until I''ve finalized the script).  This is probably a
function of the X/Gnome set up of Redhat 7.2 but I wonder if there is a


Thanks in advance!!


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