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Hello everyone,
What Xin was seeing is due to a minor bug in Ferret.  The descriptor
files being used did not include the optional D_T0TIME  field in the
$BACKGROUND_RECORD  section.  Ferret set an error status flag
when testing the time origin, and that flag was not then reset.  It triggered
an unrelated error message later in the code, and the second descriptor
file couldn't be used.

This'll be fixed in the next version of Ferret.  In the meantime a workaround
is to put  a D_T0TIME  line into the descriptor file.

Ansley Manke

Xin Jin wrote:

 Hi ferreters,

When I use two multi-netcdf files. I got

**TMAP ERR: limit on number of axes has been reached
             MAX= 1000

What does this means?
The command I used in ferret version5.33 are
use data_first
use data_second
each of this two file is a descriptor file which contains two netcdf files.

Xin Jin
Inst.of Geophysics and Planetary Physics
University of California Los Angeles
5845 Slichter Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-4996, USA
phone: (310) 825 4526
fax  : (310) 206 3051
email: xjin@igpp.ucla.edu

Ansley Manke  Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory  Seattle WA  (206)526-6246

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