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Re: How can I generate calander axis?

Hello Murat,
I have a couple of ideas for you.

1. If you just want to plot the data from December through February,
you can use the fact that your time axis is a modulo axis.  To draw the
plot you do not need to regrid the data.

   yes?  use coads_climatology
   yes?  plot/x=180/y=0/l=12:15 sst

2.  If you need to make a new time axis, you can do that by giving Ferret more
information about the time steps.  The axis you have defined is what is called
an abstract axis, where time has no units.  You will want to decide just how to
define the time steps for your particular application.  SHOW AXIS/T will help you
with that.  In the example below, I just define an axis with three monthly points.
The new axis is NOT a modulo axis, since the first point does not come after the
last point.

For example, using the coads_climatology data set;

   yes? use coads_climatology
   yes? show grid sst
   yes? show axis/t time
   yes? set view upper
   yes? plot/x=180/y=0 sst

   yes? def axis/t="1-dec-0000":"1-feb-0001":1/edges/units=months/t0="1-JAN-0000 00:00:00" myt
   yes? let sub_sst = sst[gt=myt]
   yes? set view lower
   yes? plot/x=180/y=0 sub_sst

   yes? sh axis/t myt

Murat Gunduz wrote:

> Dear Ferreters,
>         I am using FERRET v5.40,
>         after a lot of preprosesing finaly I generate the grid
> yes? show grid var
>     GRID (G005)
>  name       axis        # pts   start           end
>  (AX008)    LONGITUDE   46 r    15W             70.5E(430.5)
>  (AX009)    LATITUDE    12 r    30N             50.9N
>  normal     Z
>  MONTH_REG  TIME        12mr    16-JAN 06:00    16-DEC 01:20
>         I want to put the three months (dec-jan-feb) of the "month_reg"
> axis into the new grid with old x and y axis.
> yes? define axis/t myt={1,2,12}
> yes? let new_var=var[gt=myt]
> yes? show grid new_clim
>     GRID (G006)
>  name           axis       # pts   start        end
>  (AX008)        LONGITUDE  46 r    15W          70.5E(430.5)
>  (AX009)        LATITUDE   12 r    30N          50.9N
>  normal         Z
>  MYT            T           3 i     1           12
>         This worked,but the problem is there is no calendar label
> of t axis. How can i say ferret to put the names of the months,
> that is DEC,JAN,FEB,  to the "myt" axis.
> Thank you in advance
> Murat GUNDUZ
> Institute of Marine Science

Ansley Manke  Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory  Seattle WA  (206)526-6246

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