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Re: quick question about add constant line

Hi Rongzhen,

I guess it's enough to multiply your var by 0...

define axis/t=-7:7:1 tax
define grid/t=tax tgrd

let your_var = sin(2*3.14*l/15)

set reg/l=1:15

plot your_var
plot/ov your_var*0

Good luck,


gaoxw wrote:

> Dear Ferreters, Does anyone know how to add straight lines to the line
> plots? I have a series, the axis defination is as below:   define
> axis/t=-7:7:1 tax
>   define grid/t=tax tgrd
>   file/var=corr/grid=tgrd/col=15 d:\data.asc Now, I need add zero line
> to the plot. I just can plot zero line for the range[0,7], and failed
> for the range [-7,0]. Can anyone give me some hints? Thanks.Rongzhen
> Gao

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