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code to properly convert climatological time axis values into dates(CALENDAR=360)

Dear Ferreters,
I'm back asking for your invaluable help.

Having netcdf file with climatological data (12 months of 30 days = 360 days) I can use the following
time:units = "days since 0000-01-01 00:00:00" ;
time:calendar = "360" ;
to see proper dates reported by Ferret.

I need to have returned the proper dates even from Fortran (or C) , but I don't succed since UDUNIT routines utcaltime, utCalendar and utInvCalendar
don't give any way to change the duration of a year (it is 365 days and it takes in account leap years, julian calendar and gregorian calendar).
So I wonder how did you succeed in getting proper dates using the value of the calendar attribute.

Is it possible for you to share the code ? Or at least to give me an idea how to do that?

Thank you very much from Italy,

$$$ Emanuele Lombardi
$$$ mail: ENEA CLIM Casaccia
$$$ I-00060 S.M. di Galeria (RM) ITALY
$$$ mailto:emanuele.lombardi@casaccia.enea.it
$$$ tel +39 0630483366
$$$ fax +39 0630484264
$$$* Contrary to popular belief, UNIX is user friendly.
$$$ It's just very particular about who it makes friends with.
$$$* Computers are not intelligent, but they think they are.
$$$* True programmers never die, they just branch to an odd address

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