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how to list the axis values?

Dear Ferreters,
I'm sorry to annoy you asking a very simple question, but I'm in troubles.

I use netcdf files and, from Ferret, I'm not able to list the values of the axis
(coordinate variables in netcdf language).

ncdump -v COADSX coads_climatology.cdf
returns all the Longitude values of the netcdf file.

Once in ferret I do
yes? use coads_climatology.cdf
but then I'm not able to know, let's say, the value of the 10th longitude. If I type
yes? list/I=10 X
X : 10
As you see i get a wrong value (10.00 is simply the "real" of 10) since the wanted longitude is 39 degrees_east
If I type as follow I get another error:
yes? list/I=10 COADSX
**ERROR: variable unknown or not in data set: COADSX

For sure I'm missing a very basic info, so I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you very much from Italy,
Emanuele Lombardi

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