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Re: limit in define axis/from_data ?

Hello Torsten,
What version of Ferret are you running?   The limit on the number of
coordinates is 250000 and has been this high for some time now.

Ansley Manke

Torsten Seifert wrote:

Dear Ferret users

trying to define the time axis `"from_data" for some 21 years of hourly data (i.e. 184080 time steps)  by

file/variable="year,month,day,hour"/skip=`headers`/grid=input_grid ($inputfile)
let hours = 24*(days1900(year,month,day) - days1900(1978,1,1)) + hour
define axis/T/units="hours"/name=time/from_data/T0="1-Jan-1978" hours

I got the following error message:
 **ERROR: a program limit has been reached: axis coordinate storage exhausted - restart FERRET

Trying time slices I found that the error occured using hours[l=1:124744] and beyond.

Everything worked fine using the direct definition for the full time range:
def axis/t="1-jan-1978:01:00":"1-jan-1999:00:00":1/T0="1-Jan-1978"/units="hours" time

But this was only applicable since the data are given with a constant time step without any gaps.

Now I am wondering how to define a time axis for a very large data record with irregular time steps. Any suggestions?

Best regards


Dr. Torsten Seifert
Institut fuer Ostseeforschung Warnemuende (IOW) an der Universitaet Rostock
D-18119 Rostock, Seestrasse 15, Germany
Phone +49-381-5197-118 Fax +49-381-5197-4812

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