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limit in define axis/from_data ?

Dear Ferret users

trying to define the time axis `"from_data" for some 21 years of hourly data (i.e. 184080 time steps)  by

file/variable="year,month,day,hour"/skip=`headers`/grid=input_grid ($inputfile)
let hours = 24*(days1900(year,month,day) - days1900(1978,1,1)) + hour
define axis/T/units="hours"/name=time/from_data/T0="1-Jan-1978" hours

I got the following error message:
 **ERROR: a program limit has been reached: axis coordinate storage exhausted - restart FERRET

Trying time slices I found that the error occured using hours[l=1:124744] and beyond.

Everything worked fine using the direct definition for the full time range:
def axis/t="1-jan-1978:01:00":"1-jan-1999:00:00":1/T0="1-Jan-1978"/units="hours" time

But this was only applicable since the data are given with a constant time step without any gaps.

Now I am wondering how to define a time axis for a very large data record with irregular time steps. Any suggestions?

Best regards


Dr. Torsten Seifert
Institut fuer Ostseeforschung Warnemuende (IOW) an der Universitaet Rostock
D-18119 Rostock, Seestrasse 15, Germany
Phone +49-381-5197-118 Fax +49-381-5197-4812
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