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Re: Beware! Time assignment ...

Dear Lynn

I m not sure this would help, but we still have the reverse problem using
ferret verion 5.22 and 5.33. While we are comparing ncep temperature
fields we will find a 2day lag between these two version. For ex. 5.22 starts at
1.3. while 5.33 starts at 3.3. So what will happen if you are using version 5.33.

Anyway you're right, time axis in ncep data staring . and changing
the default calendre is changing the starting time.


Wolfgang Mueller               Phone +41 1 256-9203,
Kraehbuehlstr. 58,             mailto:muw@meteoswiss.ch
CH-8044 Zuerich, Switzerland   http://www.meteoswiss.ch/

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